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This website is for the education and enjoyment of all patients who suffer from tinnitus.  The disease , management and treatment of tinnitus will be updated on the website intermittently as new research articles become available.

Tinnitus is a symptom of a deeper problem, but sometimes that problem cannot be discovered. Therefore there needs to be other solutions on how to get rid of the ringing sound. Tinnitus masking is one way that will cover up the sound that tinnitus patients have. Tinnitus maskers can help mask the tinnitus sound by producing a more tolerable sound. There are different sounds that are able to mask the annoyance of the tinnitus sound that some people have.Tinnitus maskers can increase the sounds of the environment in order to suppress the ringing that tinnitus people have. Therefore it will cover the ringing with a less annoying sound. This temporary solution helps those who have tinnitus reduce the difference between the environment sound and the ringing sounds. Due to the background sound increasing, the ringing that tinnitus people have will become less noticeable; therefore, decreasing the annoyance of the tinnitus sounds. There are many various devices that are used to mask tinnitus. Some devices produce soothing sounds in a calm environment and others can produce a mix of natural or artificial sound that is specific in order to mask the tinnitus sound. There are also hearing aids that are temporarily helpful to mask the ringing. Unfortunately at this present time, there is no cure for tinnitus; however, finding the right pitch can mask the frequency of the tinnitus sounds in order to alleviate the annoyance that the ringing brings. Depending on the person, this masking can be short or long lastinng.

L. Cheng